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Special Needs Trampolining and
"Rebound Therapy"

Adult groups and childrens classes available
Special Needs Trampolining sesssions are held at GL1 Leisure Centre.

We have 3 specialised trampoline coaches who are able to teach adults and children with learning difficulties, disabilities and other special needs.

The sessions have been set up with the aim of offering physical exercise in the form of rebound therapy and trampolining to people who could not attend a mainstream club.

Daytime special needs session are mainly for day centres, care homes and special needs schools. Evening special needs activities are mainly for children with learning difficulties who are brought by their parents.

Local organisations who bring users to the centre include Orchard End care home, Mythe End care home, Wotton Lawn Hospital, and Milestones School. Sessions are generally for an hour and are at a specified time each week. Some organisations attend more than once a week. Several users at a time can attend the session, the actual number depends on the type of disability involved.
(we are unable to take individual adults at present but please email your interest for a session to be set up.)

Please contact the Club Secretary on 07929172855 or oxstallsspringers1@hotmail.co.uk for more information.

The Benefits of Trampolining for People With Special Needs

  1. Strengthening of limbs
  2. Numeracy
  3. Patience
  4. Communication
  5. Co-ordination
  6. Independence
  7. Self-confidence
  8. Balance
  9. Muscle tone
  10. Reaction speed
  11. Self-image
  12. Eye contact
  13. Sense of achievement
  14. Stamina
  15. Spatial awareness
  16. Body awareness
  17. Social awareness
  18. Consideration of others
  19. Trust and confidence in Coach/Assistant
  20. Colour recognition
  21. Increasing height and depth perception
  22. Fun and enjoyment

How We Aim to Achieve These Benefits:
Strengthening of Limbs
  • Jumping straight
  • Jumping astride
  • Split jumping
  • Gently bouncing on hands and knees
  • Kneeling and bouncing gently - holding coach's hands
  • Seat drops
  • Stretch the body into a seat drop
  • Jumping and counting
  • Jumping a set number of jumps or shapes
  • Counting the jumps to a move e.g. 1, 2, 3, tuck jump
  • Counting the stairs as they mount/dismount the trampoline
  • Waiting their turn as they stand around the trampoline, or sit on the bench.
  • Safe progressions of moves.
  • Encouragement of each other when jumping
  • Learning new words and signs associated with trampolining
  • Using Makaton signs for trampoline skills
  • Jumping straight
  • Jumping using arm movements
  • Split jumping
  • Jumping astride
  • All shaped jumps
  • Seat drops
  • Hands and knees bouncing
  • Mirror image of coach
  • Back bouncing
  • Progression to bouncing or jumping on own
  • Mounting/dismounting unaided
Self confidence
  • Progression to bouncing or jumping on own
  • Asking to try new moves
  • Having done well during the lesson and been praised, going on to next session/lesson happy
  • Knowing the names of moves
  • Two coaches either side of pupil, walking the length of the trampoline
  • Pupil walking the length of the trampoline unaided
  • Standing still holding two hands, one finger, unaided
  • Standing gently bouncing holding two hands, one hand, one finger, unaided
  • Jumping clear of the trampoline holding two hands, one hand, one finger, unaided
  • Coach standing behind pupil, holding under pupil's arms, gently bouncing
  • Two coaches standing either side of pupil, placing one hand under pupil's arm pit, the other hand to hold pupil's hand
  • Two coaches standing either side of pupil, each holding only pupil's hands
  • Two coaches standing either side of pupil, pupil lightly resting
  • his/her hand on theirs, progressing to pupil not touching, but coaches staying very close
  • Hands and knees bouncing and back bouncing
Muscle Tone
  • Controlled jumping and shapes
  • Hands and knees bouncing
  • Seat drop
  • Sitting bouncing and back bouncing
Reaction Speed
  • Repetition of moves
  • Coach praise
Self Image
  • Peer approval
  • Achievement
  • Coach praise
  • Progressions
  • Feeling good having worked hard
Eye Contact
  • Face to face jumping
  • Pupil in bean bag
  • Sitting face to face
  • Pupil sitting, coach standing across legs and holding hands
Sense of Achievement
  • Praise from peers, coach and visitors
  • Progression through the BTF Five Star Proficiency Award Scheme
  • Controlled jumping
  • Regular sessions
Spatial Awareness
  • Standing in the middle
  • Shaped jumps
  • Twisting jumps
  • Bouncing using arms
Body Awareness
  • Pupil lying on trampoline - Coach gently bounces sections of
  • trampoline near different parts of pupil's body, so that the pupil can feel the movement
  • Help pupil to curl up then stretch out
  • Lay pupil on his/her back, raise the legs, keep hold of them and gently bounce
  • Mirror image of coach
Social Awareness
  • Waiting their turn as they stand around the trampoline, or sit on the bench
  • Watching others and commenting on their performance
  • Recognising success and applauding it
  • Responding to that recognition
Consideration of Others
  • Waiting for other pupil to get off the trampoline before mounting for their own turn.
  • Applaud peers
  • Helping others to mount/dismount
  • Helping others less able on the trampoline
  • Trust and Confidence in Coach/Assistant
  • Attempting new moves
Colour Recognition
  • Blue and red side pads
  • White webbing
  • Red square, cross, lines
Increasing Height and Depth Perception
  • Controlled high and low jumping
  • Mounting/dismounting the trampoline correctly
  • Being able to locate the centre of the trampoline
Fun and Enjoyment
  • It speaks for itself!

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